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Dog Training
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Greetings everyone, my name is Lauren! Training dogs is my biggest passion and my goals are to give you the tools to have  a better relationship with your pup and be able to have a more obedient dog in public and at home. I have a Belgian Malinois and a Boxer of my own!

I have been training dogs for over 5 years and I have a

BA in animal behavior from UH Monoa, Oahu. 

I have successfully trained over 100+ dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds and I am adamant that there’s no dog I can’t train! 

I specialize in high aggression and/or anxiety cases.


I can’t wait to make your dog amazing!


About Me

Lauren Marie

CEO/Head Trainer



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Board and Train

Perfect your pup's skills in a wide variety of environments! We provide daily updates of your pup's progress. At the end, you will receive a video of your pup showing off their skills. You also have access to free private refresher lessons for life.

2 - 6 week Board and Trains depending on you and
your dog's needs.

Payment plans available.

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Going somewhere? Leave your pup in safe hands!

Whether your dog is a social butterfly or a solo soldier, your pup will get the love and attention they want, and you can rest assured their safety is our top priority.

  • $50 per night for new clients.

  • $45 per night for returning clients.

Pick up and/or drop off can be arranged for a fee of $20 per instance.​

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Private Lessons

1:1 session with a trainer. Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place, Heel, Off, and more!

Locations in San Diego County. 


Travel fee of $20 may apply for out-of-region.

$115 per hour.



Lauren is an amazing trainer. My pup Pepe went from dragging me and biting his leash while walking to him walking beside me and coming back while off leash. She is also very affordable and great at communicating. She was also able to accommodate Pepe and his allergies. The best part is that she updated us with pictures and videos.

Sharon S. & Pepe

Lauren did so much for my 9 month old Australian Shepherd. Ellie needed a lot of help controlling herself on and off leash, as she’s an overly friendly very loving dog. It was almost impossible to walk her on leash no matter what we tried, we even had another trainer try to help but it was no use. Lauren was able to work with her reactivity with no problems at all, and has also helped us with having her off leash so she can have the freedom and exercise that she needs. When we saw her after two weeks I couldn’t believe the difference! She listens but she can still be a happy dog. After the two weeks training, lessons are for life so Lauren can always help you out if there’s anything you want to touch up on. I’m forever grateful for what she has done for Ellie. Lauren has such a gift, she’s beyond amazing at what she does!


Lauren has trained 2 of my dogs on two separate occasions. She trained my Belgian Malinois and then my black Lab a year later.  She did such an amazing job with both dogs. She is very professional and you can tell she is very passionate about what she does.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented dog trainer. The results she gets speak for themself. I have also used her to board my dogs when I have been out of town.  My dogs are always so happy when they are with Lauren.  She is the best.

Nick A. & Ranger & Jax

I can’t recommend Lauren enough!!! She did such an amazing job training my stubborn blue heeler. I would absolutely recommend the 2 week program as I feel that it’s truly changed my relationship with my fur baby. She was always available to answer questions and sent multiple daily updates. If you’re thinking about doing it.. do it now. :)

Courtney V. & Pliny


Alex E. & Ellie


Melissa Y. & Noa

Lauren trained our German Shepard Noa in 2019.  He loved his time he spent with her and we were NEVER worried about him. She filled us with texts and videos of his progress.  To date (Feb. 2022), Noa is still progressing with his training and LOVES his “place”. I can’t recommend her enough. Worth every penny!!!

Lauren and her team are absolutely amazing dog trainers. They really learn how dogs will listen and repeats and trains until they get it. She is very hands on, sends videos and shares updates. I highly recommend her for any dog type and training!! Worth every penny.

Beckie N. & Pepper


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