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Unleashed K9 Dog Training believes in LIMA - based (Least Intrusive, Minimal Aversives) training only. 

Unleashed K9 Dog Training advocates for training the dog in front of you, using effective methodologies that will continue to be practiced by the owner long after formal training has ended. Each dog is a unique individual who may benefit from different methodologies of training, and Unleashed K9 Dog Training continually evaluates the efficacy of the training methods for every pup.

Unleashed K9 Dog Training offers two main styles of training: Positive Only Training & Balanced Training

Positive Only training consist of treats, toys, verbal praise, and physical affection paired with teaching the dogs the foundation for obedience behaviors and does not include the use of training tools such as e-collar or corrections.

Balanced Training uses the 4 quadrants of Learning Theory: Positive Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment. Balanced Training always includes generous amounts of positive rewards when teaching behaviors.

Positive = adding to | Negative = taking away | Reinforcement = increase a behavior | Punishment = reduce a behavior

Positive Reinforcement = giving treats to the dog when all 4 paws are on the floor to encourage the dog to greet humans (without jumping)

Positive Punishment = using a leash to practice walking in and out of the door to teach the dog not to rush past boundaries

Negative Reinforcement = take away leash pressure when dog walks directly next to handler

Negative Punishment = turn away from dog when jumping on handler [taking away affection to reduce jumping]

Off-leash skills are only guaranteed with e-collar usage. 


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